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Are Your IoT Devices Protected From Cyberattacks?

We analyse your system and help secure your Internet-enabled embedded system.

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The new IoT Device Suite from The Embedded Security Experts

Make IoT devices secure


Classically embedded systems were considered particularly safe for a long time because they had no connection to the internet and they did not yet produce data that nowadays enable new types of business models. Popular applications are household appliances, cars or agricultural machinery in which computers are installed. The evolution to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the resulting new connectivity to the internet and data clouds created many advantages. However, the danger also arose that internet-connected devices became vulnerable to cyber attacks.

With the IoT Device Suite from OSB connagtive GmbH, we offer you an IoT security solution to manage IoT devices and protect them in the best possible way against data manipulation, device decommissioning, product piracy, data theft and the misuse of IoT systems by setting up an unwanted botnet. Since no two setups are the same, we develop customised IoT security solutions tailored to your needs.

„We help our customers to assess risks, analyze them systematically and thus obtain a valuable decision basis for introducing further measures.“


Roland Marx
- Head of  Embedded Security Experts-

Protect Your Embedded System From Attacks

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Do you already have Internet-enabled devices in operation? Are they adequately secured? Great! If not or you are unsure, our IoT Device Manager is almost certainly a worthwhile security module for your fleet of devices. We have in-depth technology expertise and extensive experience in a wide range of embedded software industries with a focus on IoT device security. Learn more about our IoT Device Suite, how everything works, and what you need to manage and secure your IoT devices.

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Complete connectivity solutions


Whether you need solutions ex-factory or for retrofitting: Our OSB connagtive experts are the right people to talk to when it comes to making agricultural machinery ISOBUS-enabled, equipping it with connectivity, or securing and managing your IoT devices. Our experts from two areas of expertise work together to develop customized overall solutions. With us, you get ISOBUS and associated software as well as IoT solutions and security concepts from industry experts as an individual solution from a single source. No coordination effort, no friction losses, better planning and above all: only one contact person.


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Put your trust in the IoT Device Manager from The Embedded Security Experts. We support you on your way to your individual IoT security solution.

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