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The IoT Device Suite from The Embedded Security Experts provides you with a variety of useful IoT features to make your business safe and efficient. It’s easy to manage your entire fleet of IoT devices, control secure updates and protect against product piracy, data theft and device manipulation. Let’s talk. We would be happy to show you all the advantages of IoT device management, analyse your system together along with you and define the next steps.





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Risks and Challenges

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There are many challenges to ensure the security of IoT devices. You must protect your system as fully as possible from cyberattacks, data manipulation, device decommissioning, product piracy, data theft and the misuse of IoT systems, such as due to the development of an IoT botnet using your IoT System. Security is more than the sum of all the parts. We help you to ensure all the components are optimally matched and connected, creating a viable security concept.


1. Platform Integrity & Trustability

Many security mechanisms build on each other. For example, we create a chain of trust, starting from a verified and authentic boot loader all the way to the concrete application. As a result, it is ultimately only possible to trust the applications and sent data. This can only be optimally implemented with unique hardware characteristics and requires particular expertise.

2. Counterfeiting and Spoofing Protection 

Your overall system can be damaged not only by data theft but also due to the import of manipulated data. We use software and hardware to ensure that the individual authentication features required for each IoT device cannot be copied, preventing misuse by criminals.

3. Provision and Management of Unique Credentials 

 “Then we’ll simply have a password for all devices.” This approach makes cyberattacks particularly worthwhile, as a one-time effort is all it takes to attack many devices. If such a master password is then also documented or shared in a forum, the system is no longer secure. Individual credential for each device is the logical consequence, but managing them may present you with significant challenges. We help you overcome these challenges and others, effortlessly, with thousands of devices.

4. Automated Registration & Onboarding 

In production, you do not want to have to protect passwords or keys and do not only want to entrust specially trained, skilled workers with sensitive process steps? You do not want to make changes to your manufacturing process for every device, but rather treat all devices equally? No problem! We help you get keys as well as all the individual configuration files, feature activations, applications and other information on your devices securely. At the touch of a button and in your tool system!

5. Feature Activation & Configuration Management 

Do you always develop your applications for your customers and want to make additional features available only to paying customers? The feature unlock function within IoT device management allows us to ensure that a user can only unlock the features and permissions for which they are authorised – conveniently via a web portal or API access.  It is also easy to roll out the transfer of individual files, such as configurations or parameters, to individual devices or the entire fleet.

6. Reliable, Safe & Secure Software Updates 

IoT Device Management from The Embedded Security Experts ensures software updates are applied reliably. This service not only ensures that no tampered (malicious) software is installed, but also that your device boots as scheduled after the update. If the power supply or power connection is interrupted unexpectedly during the update, or if you have not noticed a software bug, we will automatically start the previous system so we can fix the error without the need to call on a service technician.

7. TeamViewer Integration, Remote Access & Management

Thanks to the TeamViewer IoT integration you can connect with just one click. Get started immediately. No VPN configurations, port releases or firewall settings are necessary. Create order among your devices. Use the clearly arranged contact list and give your endpoint a name or group several endpoints according to your 

own criteria.

8. End-to-end & file encryption

Your data will be fully encrypted end-to-end using state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, the connection is established as a direct connection – without a man-in-the-middle. Particularly sensitive data should also be stored locally encrypted. We support you with the encryption and the management of these keys.

9. Health & Security Monitoring

Important information such as system utilisation, memory requirements, SIM card features or installed software versions is regularly compiled and collected in the back-end.  You also always have an eye on whether your devices are accessed, through which channel and whether the communications pattern is normal. This information allows security incidents to be identified quickly and immediate countermeasures to be taken.

10. Scalability Manageability 

Whether you use 50 or 50,000 devices does not matter much to us. Our management system can react to both quantities and load fluctuations. The management system grows with your fleet. We also always have an answer to specific customer requirements such as peak loads in harvest periods, as is the case in agricultural technology, or to a cost reduction with agreed lower use.

Implementation and Services

Focus on Service

We will find out quickly in a preliminary discussion, including a product presentation whether or not our system is the solution for your challenges. After your green light, we will be ready to onboard the first systems (e.g. test systems such as Raspberry Pi) into your own virtual private cloud instance within a few business days. You get access to the software roll-out server, as well as our Device Suite for health monitoring and configuration. Our software clients, which are specially adapted to your wishes, allow you to get started right away. Our accompanying workshop covering all typical IoT management cases and our email and phone support ensure you achieve your goals.

Large Partners and Open Source

Perfectly positioned

As an SME, we know SMEs well and offer bespoke solutions that are optimally tailored to your needs. To this end, we also use the expertise of large providers, their infrastructure and their services. That is why we rely on well-supported open source projects such as Eclipse “hawkBit” and the “Yocto Project”. With large partners such as Amazon Web Service and others, we also shoulder large projects with ease and prudently. A primary reason for open source software such as hawkBit is the field-proven and well-documented interfaces that we can offer our customers for efficient 1:1 device management.


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