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How it works

There are many options on the way to your secure IoT device management and optimally maintainable system. We analyse your existing hardware platform and show you possible avenues. Many advantages, such as automatic onboarding, may require minor changes and additional security modules. Whether your system is future-proof or which components you should consider for it to be future-proof is also part of our initial consultation, the aim of which is to avoid making the wrong investment.
Once the hardware requirements are clear, we adapt our management software to your existing system. We would also be happy to help you with the complete installation of a Yocto-based Linux toolchain.
Once the complete software is integrated, preparations must be made for all the desired automation during onboarding. The goal is that a simple push of a button is enough to log the IoT device on to all systems, roll out the latest software and store all the necessary data in your company’s management system. Now the device can be sold and managed remotely by you or your service partners.





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Your Data Belongs to You!

No Compromises

We strictly separate management data, such as system utilisation, from your application or machine data as well as operating system updates from application updates.

We believe that every IoT device requires a device management platform. That is the need – the only one – we want to meet with our comprehensive solution. Where you send your data is entirely your decision and your area of competence. If you would like to provide us with support in this, we would be happy to help you. Completely independent of device management.

Unique advantages arise if you trust not only our software but also on hardware for which we have already carried out a complete integration of security features and our applications – as previously carried out with our sister company BHTronik. The development time would be immensely shortened, and compatibility and full functionality guaranteed!

IoT Security Modules

Secure Overall Concept

It is not trivial to develop secure systems. Hardware security features, software applications, back-end functions, operating system, operational strategy, patch strategy, development processes and location are all critical factors.

The security of IoT devices means, above all, that you are responsible for security long after you sell your product as a manufacturer. At a minimum, you must be able to eliminate security vulnerabilities through updates, so your customers and their data and applications are not exposed to unreasonable risks. 

The essential components for a secured system are: 

  • A hardened hardware platform with features such as high-assurance or secure boot
  • Secure key store and key management
  • Software update clients and servers that install only software from vendors
  • Health and security monitoring of the platform
  • Feature and configuration management 

To optimally support the maintainability and production processes, additional features such as 

  • Automated onboarding/logging on to official remote terminals and management systems, such as software update servers
  • Monitored remote access to resolve unexpected errors

How IoT Device Management Works

With Much Know-How

Successful IoT device management with many security features is a fascinating and complex issue. We have shown you the essential facts in our explanatory videos.


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