Approach to secure IoT Device Management

Successful Planning

You know the product, and you know the costs, now it is time for the implementation. Together with you, we plan the next steps. You can rely on us to work quickly, efficiently and budget-oriented in every process stage. We have the know-how and provide you with advice throughout the implementation process and beyond.


Step 1

First, we take a close look at your existing system and analyse the current state of affairs. In a customer meeting, we discuss your specific requirements together with you. From there, we make initial recommendations as to which solutions you should consider.



Step 2

We create a detailed offer that includes both a precise project plan and an initial approximate cost estimate. 

To the pricing model 

In the next step, depending on the project objective, we jointly define the procedure model and the resulting concrete schedule. Depending on the task, we choose from the following procedure models:


The V-model is a procedural model that organizes the development process into different development phases. What begins as a functional specification is ultimately developed into a detailed technical specification. Implementation takes place at the very end. In addition to these phases, the V-model also defines quality assurance tests, which are carried out continuously in this way throughout the development process.

Agile processes

In contrast to the classic V-model, agile development means that only some basic functionalities are specified at the start. Additional or modified requirements can be defined at any time during the ongoing development process. In this way, you can adapt to altered competitive situations or product requirements, for instance. The continuous exchange with the customer helps to clarify details quickly and to bring the project rapidly to its goal.


Step 3

In the third step, we go into the details. Depending on the previously defined requirements and goals, we develop a detailed concept for your IoT device management together with you. This concept includes designing security measures, precisely defining the processes and selecting the required hardware components.



Step 4

Now comes the actual implementation. We configure your personal IoT back-end to meet your requirements. This cloud-based back-end is the control centre for your IoT device management. In addition, we implement all of the necessary hardware components. Finally, there is extensive testing to ensure that the hardware and software interact correctly, and that data is recovered faultlessly from the cloud.



Step 5

Your secure system has now successfully gone live. However, our service does not end here. We train your staff, we provide you with support for the introduction of processes and we show you how to optimise system maintenance. And should questions or unexpected problems arise, we are always there for you.


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