Download: IoT Device Management data sheet

Free of charge and without obligation

As security experts, we specialize in safeguarding your internet-enabled embedded system. Here, we rely, among other things, on our sophisticated IoT Device Management product. This offers a coordinated solution package that every IoT fleet requires.


Your advantages: 

  • IoT devices are protected from cyber attack
  • Designed for BHT/OSB- and other hardware
  • Secure and seamless software updates (OS and apps)
  • Automatic onboarding and configuration
  • Data transfer and log-to-backend-feature
  • Remote Maintenance tasks
  • Cost savings through automated processes
  • Transparent and simple price model
  • Monitored and secure remote access
  • Monitoring of system utilization and access
  • Integratable SIM card management 
  • Prepared for TeamViewer IoT 

Do you want to learn more about the functions and advantages? The data sheet on the IoT Device Manager can be downloaded directly and free of charge.